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Social Worker/ Guidance Counselor

VPCS is dedicated to providing excellence in education. However, there are times throughout the course of a student's life that a number of factors may have a negative influence on a student's ability to achieve in school. There may be problems outside of school, which may prevent or interfere with a student's learning process. Our Social Worker/ Counselor can work to help remove these barriers to learning by identifying the at-risk student, assessing their needs, and working with the family to provide appropriate resources and referrals.

 Please contact your child's school nurse or principal if up would like to request counseling services or have a community-based need at 856-691-1004

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Classroom Sneak Peak

Classroom Sneak Peak

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All VPCS Preschool students MUST be Vineland City residents.

Vineland Public Charter School's Advisory Council is a group of parents, educational practitioners, and community members whose mission is to support high-quality preschool program implementation for the children and families of Vineland, New Jersey.

One of the core responsibilities of the council is to gather feedback on a regular basis from families of preschool students to help ensure the program is meeting their needs. The analysis from the data collected by these regular surveys is delivered to the program administrators to incorporate into program implementation. This work is carried out by the Needs Assessment Committee.

The Transition Committee works to ensure a smooth transition from PreK-3 to PreK-4 and also onto Kindergarten and beyond through 3rd Grade. One example of the committee’s work is a collaborative partnership with the Vineland Public Library on a “Getting Ready” program a few weeks before the start of the school year to help children and families get excited about moving up to a new grade.

Finally, the Community Engagement Committee’s focus is on informing the community of activities and accomplishments of the Early Childhood Program. For example, the committee has developed informational material to assist families of children with special needs in getting access to various district and community resources. The committee also engages in community outreach via social media through Facebook and our home webpage.

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